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18 December 2010 @ 03:19 am
dec 18.  
a whisper, just a simple whisper is enough to change the world. six entirely plain words that found their way to fucking with the entire situation. "just forget me, it's that simple" you sighed. it rolled off your tongue, your breath pushing it forward. escape. i'm stuck between two options. pause or repeat. and neither option seems viable to make me any happier. neither option promises to make the hurt better, only to deaden the inevitable pain of your goodbye. i press repeat again and the familiar scent of your skin is there once more. sticky and sweet. like a hot day in july on the front porch swing. pleasently inviting, the story unfolds again. this is the first time i noticed the way your lips curl in that sheepish grin whenever you smiled at me. the memories in the making, cast aside at the time, become so incredibly important when all you have is the ability to repeat. pause. repeat.