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05 October 2010 @ 01:56 am
statements of pure honesty.  
1/ i feel like we don't have anything in common anymore, and all i can think everytime you talk to me, or you comment on something on facebook is.. what a fucking self-important bitch.

2/ sometimes i feel like i've known you my entire life, spent years racking up the miles. you're a friend that i feel i can completely trust even though we only met a couple years ago in school, and even though we've only been spending time together for a handful of months.

3/ best friend. great words. all the ups and downs, fights and drama. the name calling and bad attitudes and that awful bit where we were more than friends but i was more than distant. i love you, i always will. as the most honest person i know. as the funniest and most sympathetic. as the person who can always make me smile no matter what. as the best friend a girl can have.

4/ i hate that you can't see what's so obvious. get a fucking clue, you're miserable where you are, with who you are with. you're always tired, and you're always complaining. move back, and for once how about you make today, someday.

there doesn't get to be a 5 anymore.

5 gets to exist again.

5/ /start creepy talk

i care. i care far more than i really should. every single day i regret ever telling you that i liked you. i regret the feelings and everything, because knowing that you'll always be a friend is what sucks the most. i should have been okay with not knowing anything and not having you know anything. though i suppose you already did, you could see through me and that fucking terrifies me. i'm sure you think you know a lot about me, a lot of my dark secrets but you don't.. there's so much you don't know that i wish i could say but i don't feel right saying even if it would help. help me. i know it's weird for me to say this, you don't know how weird i know this is. but when i'm not with you i miss the fuck out of you. i don't open up often, there's just something about you that makes you different. don't ask me to explain it, because i can't. it's a vibe.. a feeling that you're here to make a difference. i try not to believe in fate or destiny or anything like that because those ideas always let me down, but this time? i don't think they have.

/end creepy talk.

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